Battalion Park School Playground Rebuild

It’s time for new playgrounds at Battalion Park.

All playgrounds have a limited lifecycle, and our much-loved playgrounds – the big playground and the little playground behind the mini-building – have come to the end of their lifecycles. They are still safe to use and for play but will have to be replaced in the very near future.

The Signal Hill School Enhancement Society (SHSES) is responsible for school project fundraising and it has created a Playground Committee to develop and implement a fundraising program to replace these two playgrounds. The Committee anticipates a three- year fundraising program, leading to a school playground build in the summer of 2026.

The Calgary School Board, and individual schools, provide maintenance and support to school playgrounds but the replacement of aging playgrounds must be managed and fundraised by local school parent committees. The Playground Committee has estimated a potential two playground build budget of approximately $900K – $1.5m.

It’s a big project! But we know Battalion Park parents are up for it, and our neighbouring communities will help.

While the majority of funding will come from grant programs from a variety of sources, the Playground Committee will have to fundraise an initial amount of approximately $90,000 to $150,000 to support the overall playground rebuild. These funds will address initial costs to start the rebuild and help prepare for the large community and government grants that must be pursued to rebuild these two playgrounds on a modern and broadly accessible scale to meet the needs of our school and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Our vision
The playgrounds are used in all four seasons, before school, during school, and well into the evening by students, members of the Signal Hill community and families from all over our city. Our goal is to fundraise to meet the challenge of providing the school with new playground areas that modernize, enhance and challenge users for decades to come.

Our vision is to create two spaces with a full range of outdoor activities that is useable during all seasons. Designed primarily for children in kindergarten to Grade Six, these spaces will be available for use by the school and all users in our surrounding communities. Focused on fitness, climbing, physical movement, multi-user stations and social interaction while offering inclusivity for those who need it.

Our goals are to create an accessible place where kids, families and community members can come together; where our playgrounds will allow for free play and creativity; and we encourage health, wellness and an active lifestyle.

Get involved
Become a Volunteer!
Do you have a few hours a month to help our school reach our fundraising goal for the new playgrounds? Set up your own fundraising campaign (or help your child setup theirs). Want to lend a helping hand at one of our fundraisers? Work on our communications and outreach teams? Or sign up to help put together our new equipment. Whatever it is, every little bit makes a difference! Send us a message if you’d like to help!

Become a Donor!

If time isn’t on your side, and you’re able to provide financial support, we’re accepting online donations through Benevity. You may make a donation to the Signal Hill School Enhancement Society on our donation page Donate Now.

Given the size of this project and the desire to give our kids an amazing playground we are calling out to all our Battalion Park parents and also all of our neighbours in the surrounding communities that will benefit by enjoying our new playgrounds. We are so grateful for all our volunteers and all contributions.

For any questions, please contact us.